Tip of the Trade #1

Treat your freight as you do your airport luggage. Be confident in how it’s packed, to minimise risk of damage while in transit. And label each parcel. Flights can change – so too can carriers and depot exchanges. Airlines can identify, locate and return stray luggage to its rightful owner much quicker if clearly labelled – so too will your carrier.

Tip of the Trade #2

Australia is a vast expanse of land, easily engulfing the size of Europe. When organising deliveries interstate, be mindful of transit times. Allow enough time for travel in your lead times estimates to customers purchasing your products.


Tip of the Trade #3

Not all pallets are the same and choosing the right one for your freight helps mitigate against risk of damage and delay:


  • Ensure the pallet can handle the weight of your goods. This prevents the pallet from collapsing when in transit and damaging other freight which you may be responsible for.
  • Freight should not hang over the edges of the pallet. This is the area of your goods that will be most vulnerable to bump against other freight or moving equipment. It is the pallet’s purpose to take the brunt of the exposure, not your goods.

Tip of the Trade #4

Straps and fabrics are rarely friends. Strapping lounges to secure on pallets for storage or to prevent movement while being transported is likely to create an indentation across the fabric.

  1. Protect with layers. Wrap the items with furniture blankets or place cardboard between the fabric and the straps.
  2. Don’t tie down straps too tight. It will cut into the fabric. Just make sure they are taut enough to prevent movement.
Image from http://www.sovereigninteriors.com.au/collections-gold-coast/furniture/lounges/modern-classic/sunrise-sofa/

Image from http://www.sovereigninteriors.com.au/collections-gold-coast/furniture/lounges/modern-classic/sunrise-sofa/