Snapes Project Logistics has decided to establish its own presence in Queensland

Snapes Project Logistics has been operating for over eighty years and has an extensive network of service providers throughout Australia. Due to demand, Snapes Project Logistics has decided to establish its own presence in Queensland. We have located a new facility in Parkinson QLD and we will be operating from the 15th of September […]

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Not your typical Monday when the Minister drops in for a cup of tea

The Hon. Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads and Safety, and Ports, together with his Senior Advisor Murray Newton, recently visited our premises at Sunshine West. With 2016 being marked as a year for change and new venture for Snapes Project Logistics; a visit by the Minister certainly sets the scene at the starting line. […]

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Staying Safe This Holiday Season

The Christmas season—a couple of days before Christmas day and a few days after New Year—is the busiest time of the year. And probably the most dangerous. Statistically, there are more road accidents during the Christmas season than any other holiday period.

Historically, there are more accidents during the holidays than the rest of the […]

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Paperwork, who really needs it?

There’s no time to lose. Get started and we’ll sort out the paperwork after…

Quite often, the day gets busy. You’ve barely gotten off the phone when the emails in your Inbox has grown by 6 more. Sometimes you have no choice but to compromise and take shortcuts. Some things will just have to […]

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Protecting Designer’s Intellectual Property

UK to ban replica furniture, will Australia follow suit?

In five years, the United Kingdom (UK) will impose the ban replica furniture. By April 2020, furniture, lighting and jewelry will have the same kind of protection as books, art and music. This kind of protection will last even 70 years after the designer’s death. As […]

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Samsung Safety Truck: Making Waves

A truck with a mounted front-facing camera that shows activities on the other lane through rear screens is making waves in the trailer truck industry.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work made an international study of road accidents and noted that a third of road accidents are work-related. Further, it stated that […]

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Moving Showrooms

Relocating house or office is no easy exercise. Neither is moving showrooms, or setting up shop. While the end result looks spectacular, it is the mark of a deliberate plan and concise set of actions; not formed by chance.

The uniqueness of moving a showroom can involve the complexities of:

transporting of particularly fragile lighting […]

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Investment in Technology and Future Proofing

Snapes Project Logistics has always invested in systems and processes. It has always been our belief to work smarter. It is also our belief to provide win/win outcomes for our customers, and ourselves.

There are 3 main areas we are confident achieve this:

1. Innovation
Innovation is the new frontier of Australia. Following the industrial revolution, technology […]

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Furniture Retailers Adapt to Online Trend

More and more furniture retailers are opening online shopping options because of the paradigm shift in Australia’s shopping habit.

Furniture shopping is supposed to be about the feel of the wood on one’s fingers, the plush sense of a lounge on one’s bottom, experiencing the softness of a bed. But shopping is no longer as […]

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Linkedin: It’s not just a social media

While more and more Australians are using LinkedIn, some professionals may still have uncertainty of the relevance of social media to their business. But LinkedIn has proven to be more than just a social media networking service, it is also a great business tool.

In 2014 Australia ranked third among the countries with the highest […]

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