Blanket Wrap Furniture Transport: Safe And Sustainable

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Blanket Wrap Furniture Transport: Safe And Sustainable

Specialist carriers know the importance of moving furniture correctly to ensure that it remains undamaged. Whether it is from manufacturers, retail stores, or moving, safe transportation is about reputation. Top transporters blanket wrap furniture and unpacked freight so it arrives safe and sound.

Loading a truck with furniture requires a lot more planning and effort than just placing items onto a truck. Freight needs to be loaded in reverse order of delivery. Heavy items need to be evenly distributed within the trailer to meet the National Heavy Vehicle regulations for safe loading. Freight needs protecting and securing to avoid being damaged in transit. Blanket wrapping is considered one of our best solutions for protecting our customers’ goods, ensuring your goods arrive to site undamaged.

Blanket wrap transport services

Blanket wrapping is a service where transporters or specialist furniture freighters wrap unpacked freight in blankets before securing them in the truck. This is a fantastic way for suppliers and manufacturers to transport their sensitive freight across states into retailers or their end customers.

Safe, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective. Blanket wrapping protects your freight from the straps while secured in the back of the truck. It also adds a level of protection and movement absorption while in transit.

Wrapped in blankets for protection

Blanket wrap services are exactly as it sounds. It is wrapping goods in thick blankets to cover and protect them from the dangers of transporting from end-to-end. Transporters use blankets to take extra care of fragile and sensitive goods. Thick blankets help to protect goods from the impacts of loading during transit and while unloading. No matter the care taken by freight handlers, there are always circumstances beyond their control. So blanket wrapping adds another level to protect goods (on top of careful handling) from the harshness of moving from one point to another.

Specialised services – handle with care

Experienced quality carriers understand the importance of ensuring the goods they carry arrive in good condition. Blanket wrapping services ensures transporters are able to handle your goods with care. Here are some of the items best suited to blanket wrapping for transit:

  • Trade show exhibits. Make an impact on trade show visitors with exhibits that leave a good impression. You need your equipment and trade show exhibits to arrive in one piece and in good condition. Blanket wrap them so they arrive safely.
  • Furniture, fixtures, and fragile goods. Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer, furniture freighters should have the capacity to blanket wrap all types of furniture, fixtures, and fragile goods. This includes:
    • Hotel and residential furniture
    • Shop fittings
    • Pots, planters, and sculptures
    • Artwork and antiques
  • Electronics and sensitive devices. So many goods that move from place to place are sensitive to bumps in the road. They benefit from blanket wrapping so they arrive at the destination in the same condition they left in. These include:
    • Medical devices
    • Electronic equipment
    • Office equipment
  • Commercial equipment. Large bulky equipment needs extra protection while on the road. You want it to arrive at its destination in good working condition. These include:
    • Commercial appliances
    • Commercial refrigeration
    • Restaurant equipment
  • Fragile industrial equipment and robotics. Sensitive, complex machinery needs extra protection while in transit. They are sensitive to even the slightest jolting. Blanket wrapping prevents damage when loading and unloading, and while on the move.

Blanket wrapping is the safest method to protect furniture, and sensitive and delicate items, while in transit. Do not risk damage to your property in transit through improper handling. Use a freight service that does not put the safety of your valuable freight at risk of damage.

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Benefits of blanket wrapping

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Blanket wrapping does not only benefit you. It also benefits transporters because:

  • It makes it easy to stack and load the truck for transport
  • Blanket wrapping uses minimal additional volume to your freight
  • It is safe and sustainable, as blankets are reusable and there is no waste
  • You can use them in multiple layers when needed for ultimate freight protection while in transit and being handled
  • It is cost-effective and saves money on packaging

Cost-effective protection

Using blankets to protect freight saves you money by reducing the cost of boxes and other types of packaging. They minimise waste. Transporters can fit more freight on board while your goods remain protected from damage in transit.

Blanket wrapping is a white glove service

Furniture freighters use blankets to protect unpacked freight and deliver it using the white glove service. Freight is checked for damage in the terminal before delivery. It is then rewrapped for delivery to its final destination.

You will receive a call before they deliver to let you know the delivery is on the way to you. On arrival the transporters assess where the freight needs to go before unloading. Once they know the layout, they unload the freight and deliver it to exactly where you need it. It is setup according to your instructions and can even assemble your items if required ready for immediate use.

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