Multi-Level Accommodation Joinery

Transporting Multilevel Accommodation Joinery to New Builds

Transporting Multilevel Residential Joinery to New Builds 1

Snapes Project Logistics can transport joinery fittings, equipment and fixtures to multi-level apartment complexes or accommodation hubs. Our team can liaise directly with builders to provide a variety of services to assist our clients with moving and installing FF&E.


Transportation and Storage

The transport and placement of your materials may be difficult to manage especially at construction sites, but Snapes can assist every step of the way through the freight movement process.

Blanket wrap transportation is also an option to make sure that your joinery, furniture, bathroom modules and other materials are not scratched or damaged during transportation to and from different locations. We offer short and long-term storage solutions where customers experience project delays and where construction sites are not ready to receive goods in line with scheduled delivery dates.

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