Moving Showrooms


Moving Showrooms

Relocating house or office is no easy exercise. Neither is moving showrooms, or setting up shop. While the end result looks spectacular, it is the mark of a deliberate plan and concise set of actions; not formed by chance.

The uniqueness of moving a showroom can involve the complexities of:

  • transporting of particularly fragile lighting fixtures
  • the movement of extremely large furniture pieces or signage
  • short timeframes for relocation and set up
  • coordinating with other trades such as electricians, installers, tilers, couriers, phone technicians
  • limited parking due to sharing with other trades
  • traffic control for vehicles and pedestrians
  • AND the all-important order of things; flooring before furniture, plumbing before cabinetry, electricals before installation.

There can be a lot to project plan and coordinate. Where Snapes can assist is in:

  • short term storage
  • access to construction sites
  • out of hours transfers
  • multi-purpose fleet (tailgates, utes, small trucks through to semis, and tautliners)
  • packaging and blanket wrapping
  • assembly and placement
  • rubbish removal of packaging material and old furniture / fixtures

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