New Identity

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New Identity

There’s always a great feeling of accomplishment and new beginnings that follows a spring clean. The same goes with our recent rebranding.

We’ve long understood that our customers provide a package deal to their customers – a superior product and the experience of receiving it come through their doors like a large gift; to be set in place looking as exquisite as it did in the catalogue. This is about being able to provide the A to B and everything in between … and all around.

Cue Snapes Project Logistics, as we now call ourselves.

It is not enough to simply provide delivery services nationally. End users and purchasers of furniture and fittings are raising their expectations and suppliers have been amazing in their efforts to meet these demands with a higher level of involvement. Increasing our service range and capability ensures that we are capable of assisting our customers achieve this.

If the commercial site is still under construction

  • Yes, we can store the items and stage the deliveries
  • Yes, we have the right clearances to work around the complexities of a construction site
  • YES, we will liaise with the builder directly so you don’t have to

If you have too much capital and resources consumed by your warehouse when you could be focussing and investing in your front end – the showroom

  • Yes, we have warehousing facilities that can handle your stock movement and growth
  • Yes, we can receipt containers
  • YES, you can have web-access to your inventory

If your customer needs delivery of a finished product

  • Yes, we can assemble
  • Yes, we can place items according to the architectural floor layouts
  • YES, we will clean up after ourselves so your customers won’t have to

This last financial year has been extremely eventful and our customers certainly look to be hitting their targets. We hope to meet more like-minded businesses in the coming months that are also going through a change of their own to meet the growing demands of this market.

Welcome phase one – watch this space.